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Welcome to the Former Pupils Guild

The Guild today has over 3,000 members worldwide who are all connected by a shared education at The Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh. 

We welcome all former pupils at our events and invite you to participate in our reunions, coffee mornings and lunches. 

The Guild strives to provide something of relevance for all age groups whether it is practical support or a means of getting together on a more social basis. In total it has 12 purposes but in summary they are all about communicating and forming links with former pupils of all ages as well as providing opportunities for them to meet either socially or network together. The Guild is keen to emphasise the huge resource that former pupils are to each other throughout life whether it is to provide support and contacts during our working lives or friendship and fellowship during retirement.


In addition the Guild aims to form good links with the school, the staff and its pupils by contributing to school activities and providing support where appropriate. Recently the FP initiative to have a Christmas Fair at Ravelston has raised the profile of the Guild with the school community and it is important that it has a strong identity both with the pupils and their parents.


While the main activities of the Guild take place in Edinburgh, there are also a number of Branch Clubs, from Highlands’ Branch in the north and the London Branch in the south, which have regular events. In addition there are Associate Clubs which principally provide sport activities such as golf, hockey and curling.


Our History

One evening in December 1884, a small group of young women met in the home of one of them at 57 Albany Street to form an Association which has grown from these modest beginnings, to a membership of over three thousand scattered throughout the world.

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Join the Committee

Join the committee and help us keep the Mary Erskine bond alive and kicking. Contact us for more details! 


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